Something is afoot in Pakistan

Prime Minister Jamali is in the United States where he had a well publicised lunch with Bush and walked away with military goodies. At the same time, US Treasury Secretary John Snow managed to get the Pakistani government to tighten its control over the hawala system, as also agreeing to exchange information about funds flowing into and out of Pakistan. In yet another operation against Al Qaeda the Pakistani army killed at least eight Al Qaeda-Taliban fighters in South Waziristan, seemingly addressing long standing complaints by Karzai and the United States that Pakistan-based militants are capturing territory in Afghanistan’s Paktika & Paktia provices. This suggests good progress in the “War on Terror”.

Then how about these facts: Short range missile Hatf IV/Ghaznavi is tested when Jamali is still in Washington, Armitage and Rocca postpone their trip to Pakistan due to scheduling problems, bomb blasts in Karachi (killing Shias) and in Bagram air base in Kabul. All within a day. Something surely is afoot in Pakistan.