Old wine in new bottle jehadis

After public statements from US Ambassador Nancy Powell and Afghanistan Foreign Minister Abdullah, Musharraf has announced that his regime intends to go after those jehadi groups who continue to operate under new names.

The question is why are terrorist leaders like Hafeez Saeed and Masood Azhar out of prison in the first place? They deserve to be locked up more than do Javed Hashmi or Asif Zardari. Musharraf’s actions are all one big eyewash unless he arrests and imprisons terrorists and criminals.


  • Clampdown & Crackdown measures announced and some worthies have been apprehended. However, as we saw in the past, folks under ‘house arrest’ are able to roam around freely inside Pakistan. Let’s see how strong and how long the US keeps the pressure on Musharraf.
  • One of the arrested leaders Sajid Naqvi is being held ‘in connection’ with the murder of Azam Tariq. This arrest is bound to further deepen the Shia-Sunni tensions.