Voice of America launches Pakistan service

The Voice of America (VOA) is going to bombard Pakistan from January next year with 24-hour broadcasts made up mostly of pop American and Pakistani music, news, interviews and commentary.

What is more, VOA is even going to change its name in an obvious effort to de-emphasise the fact that it is owned and operated by the US government. The new name for the jazzed up 24-hour service is going to be ‘Radio Aap Ki Dunya.’

Why Pakistan has been chosen for this special saturation-style coverage, no one at Voice of America is prepared to say.
Twenty-four hour broadcasting is expected to start from 1st January on medium wave with the aid of a new medium wave transmitter the US has been able to establish in Tajikistan. The target audience of the pop-oriented programming is the age group 19-39.

That’s a very good move.