Matching deeds to words

More comment on the arrests of ‘old wine new bottle’ jehadis. The Financial Times quotes Talat Masood as saying that since the arrests came soon after Nancy Powell’s remarks, it will not go down well in public opinion.

Interestingly, the authorities are going to take 72 hours to freeze their bank accounts, which looks like enough time for them to move their funds out to safety.

Meanwhile the US is urging Pakistan to follow these actions with curbing cross-border infiltration in Kashmir and Afghanistan.


  • Brig Cheema said about 412 offices of these organizations had already been sealed about one-and-a-half year ago when they were being run under their previous names.

    In reply to a question, he said law-enforcement agencies had found no resistance from the banned groups in any part of the country during the operation. The official did not rule out the possibility that the names of main leaders of the banned groups would be put on the Exit Control List (ECL). “But so far we have not started the process of putting their names on the ECL,” he added.

    Replying to another question, he said no leader or activists of these outfits had so far been detained. “We are concentrating on sealing the establishments of the banned groups instead of arresting their leaders,” he added. The Dawn.

    So the leaders remain free, and enough time was given for them to move their funds out. What the ban seems to mean is that Musharraf’s men have locked and sealed the offices of these jehadi outfits. Even the Dawn agrees that this clampdown will be ineffective and reform of the madrassas is the solution.

  • Jehadi groups continuing to raise funds in spite of the ban (19 Nov 2003)