Words are all they are

There are bound to be some self-congratulations in Pakistan as the UN passed Pakistan’s dream ‘freedom’ resolution calling for the right to self-determination for oppressed people. Grand words. They dont amount to much. If they did Pakistan in general and Gilgit, Baltistan and other parts of Kashmir occupied by Pakistan in particular would would have determined their destinies for themselves.

In my previous posts, I’ve argued that India should have no quarrel with any resolution designed to promote self-determination. But violence as a means to achieve self-determination should be opposed.

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The resolution on the “realisation of the right of self-determination” adopted by a vote on November 20 by the United Nations General Assembly is being viewed as a setback to Pakistan because in the past the same resolution that Pakistan moves every year had been adopted by consensus.

This year, it was India which called for a vote. The results came as a shock to Pakistan because out of total of 191 UN members, only 88 voted in favour of the resolution with India, Bhutan and Mauritius voting against. Four out of the five permanent members of the Security Council abstained.The Daily Times