New: RSS feeds from The Acorn

The Acorn’s RSS feeds are now available. Click for RSS 1.0 and RSS 2.0 feeds. (To the uninitiated, these feeds have nothing to do with nutritional issues pertaining to a certain large right wing organisation). I update this blog a few times a day so the feeds will keep you up to date.

I switched to MovableType today, which is a fine piece of software. I could import all my previous posts and archives from Blogger. Blogger remains a cool tool, but my requirements have outgrown the features it provides. Thanks, Blogger!

2 thoughts on “New: RSS feeds from The Acorn”

  1. Debashish,

    I’ve tried to keep the home page as close to the original Acorn as possible. The main difference is on the Archive pages, which are referenced by permalinks. I’ll tinker with the templates over the next few days and try to return to form 🙂

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