Malaysia apprehends dangerous counterfeiters

This goes beyond bootleg VCDs of Bollywood blockbusters and pirated versions of Microsoft’s Longhorn. Police in the Malaysian state of Melaka have busted a ring of counterfeiters making amongst others, rubber stamps of “the District Police of Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir”.

Other items confiscated included Indian, Singaporean and Indonesian passports and Pakistani driving licenses. And to maintain cashflow they had set up services to provide illegal international calls for foreign workers. Seven people were arrested – three Indian men and one Indonesian woman all of whom pleaded guilty, and three Pakistani men who are claiming trial.

This gang could very well have been a very element is al Qaeda’s global supply chain. Malaysia offers visa free travel to nationals of several Islamic countries, a privilege which has been abused in the past. But the Malaysian government is self-motivated to act against Islamic terrorists and is doing a good job at it.