Varied Reactions

To Washington, this means some headway is being made

“The United States welcomes the proposal by President Musharraf that’s been reported in the press,” US State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said. “We think it’s constructive to relinquish the demand for a referendum on the status of Kashmir, if those reports prove to be accurate, and it seems they are,” Mr Boucher told reporters.

India is still making up its mind on how to react, but the approach is cautious

According to one view in (New Delhi), the (Musharraf’s) willingness to meet India half-way is not a new position, but was made even during the Agra summit. In fact, analysts say, Musharraf several times before and after Agra pointed out that both sides must abandon predetermined positions, but never did he once speak about his commitment to end cross-border terrorism. Indian Express

While Kalim Bahadur echoes my thoughts

Kalim Bahadur, who teaches foreign relations at New Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University, said the UN resolutions were no longer relevant. “The UN resolutions are 50 to 55 years old, they hold no validity now and cannot be implemented,” he said. “These comments are more of a gesture for public relations effect.” The Gulf Daily News

Daily Times of Pakistan thinks this marks a change in tactics…

The differences with the international community related to the modus operandi, not to whether or not Pakistan is a party to the dispute. Unlike India, the international community has always accepted Pakistan’s locus standi vis-à-vis Kashmir. With the changed paradigm, India will find it hard to deny Pakistan its legitimacy on that score.The Daily Times

…while the Foreign Office is in denial,

President General Pervez Musharraf’s interview on Kashmir was reported and quoted out of context as he did not state that the resolution of the issue should not be in accordance with the UN resolution passed 50 years back, said Foreign Office spokesman Masood Khan.
“Both India and Pakistan should find a midway to resolve the issue for the durable peace in the region but only which is acceptable to Kashmiris,” he said quoting Musharraf. On withdrawal of principal stand on Kashmir, Masood Khan said that neither the issue could be sidelined nor it could be forgotten but Pakistan would persuade it on every front. The News/Jang

And the voluble Sheikh Rashid is clueless in Karachi

“We are for the implementation of the UN resolution on Kashmir, but if India is serious in solving the issue of Kashmir, other things can also be discussed,” Rashid said. He gave no details. Rashid stressed that Pakistan still supports the UN resolution, central to its stance on Kashmir since it was adopted by the UN Security Council in 1948. The News/Jang

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