India must protect the Bhutanese

This is exactly what you can expect from plain thugs. An assortment of terrorist organisations have served notice to Bhutanese residing in India to vacate or face terror.

India now must rise to the challenge. It must put everything it has to prevent the Bhutanese from being molested by the terrorists. If India is not able to extend the writ of the law to protect the Bhutanese, the terrorists will win.

Updates: The Bhutanese have gone to war for the first time in 138 years

We have no doubts at all about the morality of the action against the militants who had illegally occupied our soil and disrupted our lives. Nor are there any questions about the legitimacy of a small country protecting its security. And we have no misgivings over the need to protect the interests of a friend and neighbour, even at risk to ourselves. Kuensel Editorial