Defeating Terrorism

Thanks to the recent action by Bhutan, ULFA’s ideologue Bhimkanta Buragohain has been captured by the Indian security forces and has publicly asked his supporters to surrender.

“I think from my side, the path which we led is wrong.

“Armed rebellion cannot bring independence,” the 78-year-old rebel leader said.

I do hope old Mr Buragohain was treated well by the security forces; as he can always sing a different tune later. I have always believed terrorists must be captured alive and denied martyrdom – they should be subjected to the due legal process. This not only makes them mere mortals in public eyes, but also exposes the violent criminality and inhuman nature of their acts.

In the meantime, ULFA has been knocking on the doors of China in desperation. It remains to be seen if China’s new leadership keeps up its end in its recently improved relations with India.

Update 7 Jan 2003 : Buragohain does just that, “I was tortured into confession”