Co-operating with the US and Israel

Yesterday Bush announced high-tech cooperation between the United States and India, which is good news for the most part. While the cooperation is only in the civilian sector, it would not be surprising if the same package includes technology for India to improve the security and command & control (C&C) of its nuclear arsenal. The US will be quite happy for India to employ the US ‘reference design’ for its C&C.

On the whole, I think it is yet another step towards a closer relationship between the United States and India (and a political quid by an election year US President to an election year Indian Prime Minister).

Arun Jaitley is visiting Israel with a delegation of officials and businessmen to attend a joint economic committee meeting. They expect to sign five bilateral agreements today.

With India-US and India-Israel relations, the challenge will be to institutionalise them beyond the individuals & political parties in power. While I do not think the US Democrats or the Indian Congress party will press the “Undo” button on bilateral relations, some of the momentum could be lost if there are changes in government.