Snows melting?

And in the meantime, here’s a (partial) bodycount in Kashmir in the last few days (via Bharat Rakshak)

Date   Terrorists/Security Forces/Civilians

Jan 31      3/0/0
Feb 3      4/1/1
Feb 5      0/4/0   10 soldiers injured in landmine
Feb 5      12/1/2
Feb 8      0/0/2
Feb 8      0/0/8
               and counting…

AFP reports

The latest killings come amid a surge of violence in Kashmir, which had seen an easing in the unrest since India and Pakistan reached a November 26 ceasefire on the Line of Control.

Forty-seven people have died in separatist violence since Thursday. Indian officials say they are stepping up operations before militant movements become easier next month with the melting of the snows.

The question is how many more people need to turn into statistics before we realise Musharraf ‘needs to do more’?

Update: South Asia Intelligence Review (Vol. 2 No. 30) gives the total fatalities for the week Feb 2nd – Feb 8th as 65 (30/15/20)

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