Why Malaysia should come clean

Malaysian writer MGG Pillai asks Why should Malaysia be defensive about Washington’s accusation of transferring nuclear technology? [via Jeff Ooi], arguing that Malaysia need not succumb to American hegemony.

If only it was solely a matter of Malaysia’s sovereignty! I would not dispute Malaysia’s right to pursue its own national interest, even if it means developing a nuclear arsenal. What certainly is a matter of extreme concern to everyone is what role did official Malaysia have in the whole nuclear supply chain. If it was only a case of crony capitalism where a Malaysian company was just used an innocent cog in the wheel then what’s the harm in getting to the bottom of the matter, and giving a red nose to a few notable worthies? The danger of obfuscating the truth is that Malaysia as a whole will be clubbed with the likes of Pakistan & Libya, for who believes Musharraf when he declares that the Pakistani government and military was totally in the dark about Khan’s nuclear supermarket.

This is not the time or occasion for Malaysia to demonstrate its independent streak, or flex its Mahathir-style muscles. More is at stake here. Is the world going to see Malaysia as a role model of development for the Islamic world, or just another irresponsible proliferator of WMD?