Squandering the mandate

Aashish Chandorkar writes that Uma Bharti seems to be fast forgetting the Bijli Sadak Pani promises the BJP made in the recent state assembly elections. It looks like strong parliamentary majorities encourage irresponsibility.

Bajrang Dal and VHP activits beat up young lovers in Bhopal on Valentine’s Day. NDTV showed pictures of activitists slapping some youth and driving around on the streets of Bhopal with gadas. CM incumbent Uma Bharti has meanwhile removed all the Heads of all State funded organizations who remotely had any Congress connection. And the Head of RSS for Bhopal region has been appointed as Uma Bharti’s political advisor and has been given rank of a Cabinet Minister. Cow slaughter was of course banned in MP as soon as Bharti became the CM.

All this cannot be attributed to a sudden shock of having come to power. This is not a knee jerk reaction to having got a more than comfortable governing majority in the State. This is another case of separating Bharat from India and this time as a matter of belief and not pomposity.Uma Bharti came to power riding the BSP wave – Bijli, Sadak, Pani. In a State whose human development indices lag behind those of Malavi (sic) and Madagascar, those obviously should be the priorities. Instead Uma Bharti has chosen to first solve problems which don’t exist.[Ashification]

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