Responding to free-trade dynamics

Bill Clinton’s former economic advisor suggests five principles that could form part of a public policy response to globalisation

  • Take job creation seriously
  • A “preemption strategy”, that gives workers options.
  • Real dislocation insurance, not token retraining.
  • Education — really.
  • Break the deadlock on trade and global poverty reduction.

[Gene Sperling/Washington Post]

I think he has a point here, but all these principles can be put to practice only when the mindless demagoguery has tapered off.

Meanwhile in India, protectionist fears ever-present below the surface have started raising their head. It appears that India is now considering going slow on all the free-trade agreements. I would hate to see a repeat of the protectionist campaign speeches in India’s April general elections.

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  1. Advocates of free market policies lament that all the ills India is facing today are a result of Nehru’s socialistic policies. I think Nehru’s economic policy was the correct one at that time for a huge country that was in its infancy then. Do u agree? If not can u give me a convincing reply? Did u ever write anything on this? If yes pls let me know the URL. BTW, Is there anything on this on the Internet?

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