Religion-based citizenship is a bad policy

The government of India has announced that it is granting citizenship to Pakistani Hindus who have spent five years in India. The announcement makes it appear that citizenship was granted to the Pakistanis just because they were Hindus (or vice versa), and implies that religion was a basis for the government’s decision.

Citizenship laws are clear – one can become an Indian citizen by birth, naturalisation or registration. The constitution is clear on who qualifies. Nowhere is religion a criterion.

While what the government has done may not be unconstitutional (for they seem to have met the minimum requirements for citizenship) the implied signals are misleading. And if it there is an official government policy on granting citizenship on religion it is wholly wrong and against the spirit of the constitution.

3 thoughts on “Religion-based citizenship is a bad policy”

  1. Nitin, are the “implied signals” sent out by the govt. or by the BBC?

    I no longer think the BBC is the shining example of journalism that it once was. Biased BBC is a good startng point.

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