Shut up, OIC.

The Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) has made it clear that it will support Kashmiris in their right to self-determination and hoped the recent thaw in Pakistan-India ties will lay the foundation for an “early and equitable” solution to the issue.

“The situation in Kashmir calls for the people there to be given the opportunity to exercise their self-determination and for the implementation of the international legitimacy resolutions that were issued by the (United Nations) Security Council over half a century ago,” OIC Secretary General Dr Abdelouahed Belkeiziz told the UN.

He also expressed concern over the current status of Iraqi citizen’s rights. He called for the respect of international agreements that apply to those territories including the Fourth Geneva Convention.[Daily Times]

Very pretentious – calling attention to the rights of the Kashmiri and Iraqi people is a good way of distracting attention from the fact that most of OIC’s own citizens do not enjoy any. The autocrats of the OIC explain the terms of the Fourth Geneva Convention to India and the United States. Oh well !

As I had written, there is scarcely any country in the OIC that enjoys democratic and fundamental rights, even theoretically, as the Kashmiris certainly do (at least which they did until the Pakistani jehadis started their terrorist campaign). The OIC’s vacuous claims betray its dislike of the idea of Muslims living harmoniously in multi-cultural, secular democracies. That’s why it does not want India to re-join the OIC because Indian Muslims have proven the OIC’s thesis wrong.

Just as it is quick to condemn others for their alleged failings, it is also protective of its own black sheep – has anyone heard anything from OIC when several of its most committed members were implicated in the nuclear proliferation ring? Or was that simply a case of OIC nations exercising their right to self-determination and sovereignty?

Unless the OIC is willing to accept India with its 150 million Muslims as an equal member it should shut up. Speaking out of turn and out of place not only demonstrates its hypocrisy but also its consequent irrelevance.

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  1. Dear Mr Pai,

    It was a good post. I fully agree with u that no country should interfer in Inida’s personal problem.

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