Gandhi and Chauri Chaura

Time Man of the Year 1930It is my belief that Gandhism has a template that can be used to resolve many of the long-standing, seemingly intractable disputes raging around the world – the Palestinian struggle, the Sri Lankan Tamil queston, and yes, even Kashmir. It requires strong, principled leadership which goes beyond paying lip service to ‘peace processes’ and is able to stand down its violent, extremist components.

Gandhi did so – and the best example is Chauri Chaura. After a violent mob razed a colonial police station, he had no hesitation in calling the entire non-cooperation movement off, setting back the entire freedom struggle by a decade according to some. Niranjan Ramakrishnan has a great piece in Counter Punch, titled The Great Trial of 1922: Gandhi’s Vision of Responsibility

Stopping the non-cooperation movement following Chauri Chaura was one of Gandhi’s most significant acts — a cleansing of the body politic, in effect. Years later, despite several heapings of criticism, from being called a confused man to being called a British lackey, he did not waver on the correctness of the decision. Writing in 1928, he said, “[to] this date I have felt that I have served the country by calling off the non-co-operation movement. I am confident that history will look upon it as a form of perfect satyagraha and not as an act of cowardice.” [CounterPunch]

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    […] InitForm(‘lookup1′,’autodiv1′,’down’); showHide_TellMeAbout2(false);    Business     Entertainment     Food     Games     Health     People     Places     Reference     Science     Shopping     Words     More… BodyLoad(‘/main’, ‘startswith’,’s’); Web Search Results 1 – 10 of about 840 for chauri chaura…  Sponsored LinksChauri Chaura at AmazonBuy books at and save. Qualified orders over $25 ship ResultsRediff On The NeT: 75 years on, historians still confused about …75 years on, historians still confused about the impact of Chauri Chaura. Did the violence at Chauri Chaura betray Gandhi or did the Mahatma err in … Chaura – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThe Chauri Chaura incident is viewed by many modern historians as a minor episode of violence, which while regrettable, did not merit the cancellation of a …, Metaphor, MemoryThe author, who was born fifteen miles from Chauri Chaura, brings to his study … He extends his boundaries well beyond Chauri Chaura itself to explore the … Acorn » Gandhi and Chauri ChauraGandhi did so – and the best example is Chauri Chaura. … Stopping the non-cooperation movement following Chauri Chaura was one of Gandhi’s most … Cast and Crew for Gandhi (1982)Policeman at Chauri Chaura. Aadil …. Policeman at Chauri Chaura. Rajeshwar Nath …. Marcher at Chauri Chaura. SS Thakur …. Marcher at Chauri Chaura … – Chauri ChauraChauri Chaura. Total. 384335. 194833. 189502. 95448. 48311. 47137. 13. 7. 6. 09. 58. 0004 … 0 VILLAGE Chaura. Rural. 4057. 2119. 1938. 494. 256. 238. 0. 0 … Gandhi Research & Media Service – Chronology 1922At Chauri Chaura, rioting took place; police station attacked and twenty-one … Gandhiji commenced five-day fast as penance for Chauri Chaura incidents. … chronology_1922/chronology_1922.htmlIndogram – the global indian village in your neighborhoodGod spoke clearly through Chauri Chaura." … Stopping the non-cooperation movement following Chauri Chaura was one of Gandhi's most significant acts — a … oped/njn_mar1804.html&title=Gram%20SabhaOral History Review, The: EVENT, METAPHOR, MEMORY: CHAURI CHAURA …Access the article, 'EVENT, METAPHOR, MEMORY: CHAURI CHAURA, 1922-1992. (book review)' from Oral History Review, The, a publication in the field of … mi_hb3535/is_199901/ai_n8353519Dr. Rajendra PrasadPeaceful non- cooperation turned to violence in Chauri Chaura, Uttar Pradesh. In light of the events at Chauri Chaura, Gandhiji suspended the civil … Page:   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   Next […]

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