Hurriyat remains an apologist for terrorism

The Hurriyat leaders wanted dialogue with India at the highest level. They got it. Now they want to travel to Pakistan to talk to their sponsors. They may get that too. Notwithstanding the Indian government’s greatest efforts to accomodate this unelected, unrepresentative club of closet terrorists, the Hurriyat continues to remain an apologist for terrorism.

In spite of the Vajpayee government’s bona fide overtures, the Hurriyat has succumbed to the agenda of some of its poll-fearing constituents and decided to call for a public boycott of the elections. A senior leader of the Hurriyat said, “The electoral process is not an answer to the problem“. Terrorism is, I suppose. “We are not going to go by the whims of people in India and Pakistan” That statement is most revealing – elections are just whims of the Indian people.

The Hurriyat has yet to prove that it is a reliable partner in the peace process; and even more fundamentally, that it really speaks for the people of Kashmir. So far, its actions only reveal that it just speaks for terrorists and their state-sponsors across the line of control.