India, China, US united on Nepal

Here’s an interesting opinion from a Nepali commentator that suggests that the changed geopolitics of the post 9/11 world is causing India, China and the United States to have common objectives in Nepal.

They’ll meddle if we muddle: As Nepal’s tri-polar power struggle remains deadlocked, the three main outside powers are increasingly worried about its outcome. In its feeble state, Kathmandu is more susceptible to outside pressure than ever before, and post-9/11 convergence of US, Indian and Chinese interest in the region has changed the nature of that influence.

Nepal’s two neighbours and the global power are worried about the possibility of a Maoist victory and the inability of constitutional forces in Nepal to unite against it. Their styles may differ and there may be some irritants, but the US, India and China no longer seem to be working at cross purposes. [Kunda Dixit/Nepali Times]