Former ISI chief says Al Qaeda is a superpower

Lt Gen Asad Durrani, a former ISI chief, has also served as Pakistan’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia. He contends that Al Qaeda is a global superpower at loggerheads with the United States and Pakistan is caught in the cusp between the two.

And since we do believe that it is the Al-Qaeda that can do damage far and wide, it seems reasonable to admit it as a superpower: amorphous, elusive, almost ethereal; but a superpower all the same. There is also so much common that it has with the United States.

Only these two seem to have a universal agenda. Only they can act unilaterally on the world stage. Both are making us do U-turns. Between them they have changed regimes and are rearing to change some more. Both threaten the rest of us to be with them or else! Being with Al-Qaeda may be dangerous; being a friend of America, according to Henry Kissinger, fatal. [South Asia Tribune/Nation]

This reiterates my contention that battle lines across the world are being seen as being drawn between the United States and Al Qaeda.