Which planet is this guy from?

And this op-ed piece appeared in an important Pakistani daily newspaper.

If this does not work, he may cash upon the military feats of his commando career. If nothing else, the victory at Kargil makes him eligible for the post of Field Martial (sic).

But again, the self-bestowed honour may make him technically ineligible for both the posts of the army chief and that of the President, as the MMA leader Liaqat Baloch says. And flatterers around him would start requesting him to become a King. This is not a joke since both Gen Ayub Khan and Gen Iskandar Mirza before him had seriously considered the option.

The fall back option from the closet would be to trust the acumen of the legal mandarins associated with the military government. The superior Courts may be approached to allow extension of tenure as President or as army chief or as both. Since the President believes in the rule of law, he has already started creating legal grounds for sticking to office[Saad Khan/The Nation]

Really, now !