Rupen Katyal was on his way back home from his honeymoon in Nepal, when jehadi terrorists hijacked Indian Airlines flight IC-814 to Kandahar. They slit his throat in front of all other passengers. The murderers and their abettors are free, unpunished and unrepentent in Pakistan.

Daniel Pearl thought he was getting an interview with a jehadi leader. They kidnapped and later beheaded him. The murderers and their abettors are free, still unpunished and very unrepentent in Pakistan.

Nick Berg was a telecoms engineer on assignment in Iraq. They kidnapped him and beheaded him. Let’s hope this group of murderers does not go unpunished.

Update : Hat trick? The modus operandi and the inclusion of an anti-Musharraf rant suggests the involvement of Pakistani jehadis in the Nick Berg murder. A few weeks ago, Praveen Swami had revealed links between Lashkar-e-Taiba and militants fighting in Iraq.

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  1. Nitin

    Obviously these are sub-humans but there are more than the three you cite – Jehadis have a hoary past for such bestiality including the Norwegian whose throat was slit in 1996 and more recentl, a few weeks ago, they did the same thing to the wife and 8 year old daughter of a police office in Kashmir. In every instance, the perpetrators remain unpunished and free.

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