Brussels sprouts a Kashmir concern

Just like Dan Burton’s absurd hearing, some Euro-MPs are ensuring they are not far behind when it comes to grandstanding too. Last month, the European Parliament hosted a ‘Discourse on Kashmir’ and even arrived at a important-sounding ‘Brussels Resolution on Kashmir‘. While there was an all-stars team from the Pakistani-Kashmiri firmament, Kuldip Nayar was the only significant Indian representative. But Kuldip Nayar – India’s most conciliatory softie – found the involvement of the Euro-MPs gratuitous

I could not understand why the representatives of European Parliament were insistent on associating themselves with the talks between India and Pakistan. They wanted a resolution to be adopted for that purpose. Europe is part of the West which has lost its credibility after what has happened to Iraq at the hands of America.

What swung the opinion at the Brussels Discourse against European Parliament’s intervention was the intense hatred that the fate of Iraq had evoked in the Islamic world. The Kashmir expatriates and the Pakistanis present at the discourse were conscious of what would happen to Kashmir if Europe were to be involved. It was satisfying to see that the offer of “good offices” by European Parliament was rejected. [Deccan Herald]

Both parties having said ‘no thank you’ must surely have put the egg firmly on the face of Mr James Elles, MEP. The fact that his boss, Michael Howard of the British Conservative party is supporting the war in Iraq and its subsequent occupation does not seem to have struck as a dissonant note to the honourable MEP from Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire.

2 thoughts on “Brussels sprouts a Kashmir concern”

  1. Oh! I wish fervently, if we could turn the clock back, and not taken the Kashmir issue to United Nations and solved it ourselves mutually. Oh! How I wish it would have been that way!

  2. Euro is no doubt surging against US Dollar but it is just far to seek that EU could have an ‘exclusive’ engagement in Kashmir. Russia, China and India would never like to be dragged into a new cold war, although they are interested to assert in the wake of increased US presense in their backyards.Above all Europe is part of US war on terror particularly in Iraq.
    Those investing hope in EU ‘intervention’ in Kashmir affairs are better advised to highlight the ground situation in Kashmir.

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