China’s white paper on Tibet

China has released a white paper on Tibet which asks the Dalai Lama to stop calling for an independent Tibet or a ‘one country, two systems’ model like that of Hong Kong and Macao. The Chinese government argues that Tibet already has regional ethnic autonomy:

“Regional ethnic autonomy means, under the unified leadership of the state, regional autonomy is exercised and organs of self-government are established in areas where various ethnic minorities live in compact communities, so that the people of ethnic minorities are their own masters exercising the right of self-government to administer local affairs and the internal affairs of their own ethnic groups,”[People’s Daily]

1 thought on “China’s white paper on Tibet”

  1. I am often in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province that has a sizeable Tibetan population and lies just to east of Tibet. Most of the younger Tibetans I know there speak Mandarin, Chinese pop-stars are their idols and they couldn’t care less about an independent Tibet.

    Unlike the earlier generations, this generation has seen the growth in economy and the rise in opportunities. In some ways being from a minority community is actually beneficial (like when you are trying to get admissions to schools). Smart Tibetans – autonomy or no autonomy – have figured out how to play the system to their benefit.

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