Forgetting Afghanistan

Veni. Vidi. Vici… what’s Latin for ‘I forgot’?

The United States brought in NATO forces to provide ‘security and assistance’ to the Karzai government in Afghanistan. But the NATO itself is reluctant to put in enough resources on the ground in Afghanistan in order to fulfil its mandate.

either that ISAF-troops are supposed to ensure security during the coming presidential and parliamentary elections coming September. At the voting booths it will be determined whether democracy will prevail or whether the Taliban and its allies will be victors. Those are two clear-cut choices. It’s up to the diplomats in Brussels to decide which one is in their interest [Afghan Voice]

And then they wonder why broken states are fertile grounds for terrorism to blossom?

Ensuring that Afghanistan returns as a normal state is not just a responsibility for the United States and NATO, it is a security priority.