An inside job

As expected

The hits on Musharraf last December were inside jobs. Kamran Khan, a reporter who is believed to have ISI links has a detailed story which suggests the involvement of low-level ‘brainwashed’ Pakistan Air Force personnel in the conspiracy. Unsurprisingly, General Musharraf denied senior officers were involved,

“No senior officers were involved in the assassination bid. We have investigated everything and know exactly who is involved. We know the entire picture of both the actions and exact names. We know their faces, their identities and their families. We know everything,”

The president said the mastermind behind these attacks had also been identified. “He is a Pakistani and is at large. He thought of the idea and then planned it. We will get him,” he said.

When President Musharraf was asked whether he knew who the mastermind was and would he like to disclose anything about him, he said, “I think that will be compromising a lot. We know exactly who he is.” [Daily Times]