As you sow…

It’s an ISI backlash

Amjad Hussain Farooqi is believed to be a leader of both the Sunni sectarian Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and the Jaish-e-Mohammad jihadi outfits. It appears that Farooqi was the mastermind of the two attacks on Musharraf in December 2003. These attacks are widely touted to have decisively swung Musharraf’s mind against the jihadi terrorists.

Incidentally, along with Omar Saeed Sheikh, Farooqi is also supposed to have played a key role in the kidnapping and cold-blooded murder of Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter.

And Farooqi was one of the hijackers of IC-814 who got Omar Saeed out of an Indian prison in the hostage-for-prisoner deal in which a Carteresque Jaswant Singh succumbed to terrorist demands.

General Musharraf was very much involved in supporting Farooqi and his ilk in all their escapades. On first appearances, it like another Frankenstein’s monster coming back to haunt its creator. But this analysis discounts the very real connections between the Pakistani ISI and the jihadi terrorists.

The hijacking of the IC-814 could never have been accomplished without the ISI’s support and involvement. As revealed by Bernard Henri-Levy, Daniel Pearl’s killing was largely orchestrated by the ISI. Omar Saeed himself surrended to an ISI-connected provincial governor who kept his surrender silent for a long time before it was officially announced. Like Omar Saeed, Farooqi is an ISI asset. His involvement, along with those of Pakistani military personnel in the attack on Musharraf suggests that not everyone in the Pakistani military establishment is in line with their commander-in-chief.

The use of Farooqi falls exactly into the standard pattern of the use of jihadis; the ISI can completely dissociate and deny its involvement in the attack.

Musharraf is fully aware of this. His words of GEO TV seem like a veiled threat to his rebellious colleagues.

We have investigated everything and know exactly who is involved. We know the entire picture of both the actions and exact names. We know their faces, their identities and their families