Saudi hostage crisis: 8 Indians killed

Eight of the 22 people killed during the weekend hostage crisis in Khobar, Saudi Arabia were expatriate Indians.

A website quoted the Al Qaeda as saying “10 Indians… among the murderers of our Muslim brothers in Kashmir” were killed [PTI]

2 thoughts on “Saudi hostage crisis: 8 Indians killed”

  1. It will be interesting how the Indian government will react to this even, given their tendency to kowtow to Arab governments, and their stepchild, the Palestinians.

  2. 3 out of the 4 hostage-takers escaped.
    22 hostages were killed.
    8 were Indians.
    At least one of the eight was killed in the crossfire.

    If only a majority of the hostage-takers were all killed or captured, I would have counted it as a successful operation.

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