Islamabad’s man in Colombo

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B Raman suggests that the posting of a former Pakistani intelligence official as its high commissioner to Sri Lanka could have deeper motivations. As the ISI’s other overseas bases – in Dubai, Kathmandu, Bangkok come under greater pressure given the host nations’ own steps to curb terrorism and nuclear proliferation, Colombo could take up the slack.

There has been no evidence so far of the ISI using Colombo as a base for covert actions directed against India. However, the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LET) has been showing increasing interest in taking jihad to the Muslims of the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. There have been persistent reports of the beginning of a radicalisation of small sections of the Tamil-speaking Muslim youth of the Eastern Province.

During the riots in the Eastern Province in the middle of 2002, pamphlets in the name of a so-called Osama Brigade came to notice [Outlook]

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  1. posting of high profile intelligence officers as head of diplomatic missions is nothing new.countries like russia ,uk and usa have always been doing it.instead of being an alarmist we lets learn to play the game.such postings have a larger interest in mind. we should find that rather than looking at lower level intelligence work which may already be in progress by our adversary over a period of time.

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