Backlash backfires

Free publicity – thanks to John Kerry.

A recent study by Gartner, a market research firm, has confirmed that the publicity from the outsourcing backlash has contributed to the growth in revenues of India’s outsourcing industry. The industry registered a growth of 29% in 2003.

The backlash was no doubt amplified by publicity funded by the US presidential election campaign. The industry should be offering its collective gratitude to Senator Kerry.

2 thoughts on “Backlash backfires”

  1. Why this big fuss about outsourcing backlash etc when focussing mainstream attention on it is the last thing we need. We could do well to take a leaf out of the China book here. Despite taking away most manufacturing jobs in the US in the past decade, China kept quiet about it instead of tom-tomming its success brazenly as we seem wont to do. Result: – ‘Made in China’ is reco0gnised everywhere in business circles whilst its scarcely taboo amonst US consumers. Comapre this with outsouced desi services and one is already hearing of resentment against ‘usurpist’ Indians boiling over in places in the US! We should quietly work to our strengths and let actions speak for themselves.

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