Musharraf masterminded the IC-814 hijacking

The Architect of Kargil is also the Mastermind of the Kandahar hijacking

Talbott should know. He was Clinton’s Deputy Secretary of State during the Kargil war and the IC-814 hijacking.

But Kargil was hardly over when the IC-814 plane got hijacked from Kathmandu, widely believed to be masterminded by Musharraf in return for the humiliation of Kargil, says Talbott. The Clinton visit to India is clearly a high watermark. [Indian Express]

Ironically, Musharraf charged Nawaz Sharif with hijacking (a capital offence in Pakistan) after the erstwhile prime minister refused to allow Musharraf’s return flight to land in Pakistani territory. And ironically again, the terrorists implicated in the IC-814 hijack were the very ones who tried to assassinate Musharraf !

Talbott’s book Engaging India: Democracy, Diplomacy and the Bomb promises to be a good read.

3 thoughts on “Musharraf masterminded the IC-814 hijacking”

  1. Xofis,

    It is hard to take what those anonymous senior ISI people say at face value. They could be pre-empting any pressure the US is exerting on them to spit out al Qaeda terrorists still residing in Pakistan.

    In any case, Strobe Talbott worked for the other side – the Democrats. Its unlikely he would time his revelations to suit the Bush campaign calendar.

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