More money for border fences

Ensuring good neighbourliness

The Government has increased the budgetary provisions for erection of fences along the India-Bangladesh and India-Pakistan borders even as a sharp cut has been seen in allocation of funds for home guards and payments to the (J&K) State.

The budgetary provisions made for Union Home Ministry this year, the Government has doubled the non-plan funds for erection of barbed wire fencing and construction of roads along the Indo-Bangla border from Rs 201.68 to Rs 441.08 crore.

This move was proposed to check the illegal immigration from the eastern neighbour.

Similarly, there was a marginal increase in border works at the Indo-Pak border from Rs 130.06 crore to Rs 196.75 crore so that the inflow of arms and ammunition from across the border was checked. [Daily Excelsior]

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  1. You Blog makes interesting read 🙂
    Well money can be allocated the projects ,but the Question is how honestly it will used.also one side note on this couple of years back I had read article on the Men Manning the B’desh Border.they let people cross the border on token fee of 10 Rs for Men and 5 for Woman ( Kids for free)

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