Who proclaimed Bangladeshi independence?

One’s father or the other’s husband?

Bangladesh is caught up in a fresh political controversy over whether it was Sheikh Mujibur Rahman or Major Ziaur Rahman who first declared the country independent in 1971. The matter is of considerable interest to Bangladeshi politicians because the former was the father of the opposition leader Sheikh Hasina, and the latter the husband of the current prime minister Khaleda Zia.

Now the point is, our political acrimony between the Sheikh Mujib’s Awami League & Zia’s BNP is so unhealthy, that the both parties failed to give respect to the both undisputed leaders. You cannot undermine the efforts of one of them. Zia’s first proclamation did not include Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s name but it did not mean that he had any apprehension about Mujib’s leadership. And it is really unfair of the Awami League supporters to ignore Zia’s initiatives to proclaim formally when Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was already in army custody on March 26, 1971.

I really see no merit in establishing one leader above another leader. They all played their part just like every countrymen and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is the undisputed father of nation.

I hope that the Awami league supporters cease to undermine Zia’s contribution and wish that the BNP supporters try not to erase Sheikh Mujib and the past putting Zia on the top. And no matter who proclaimed first, the both leaders are in our hearts; Bangladesh is independent now and we have to look forward for progress. [3rd World View]

Dead presidents and prime ministers usually have to fight posthumously for their place in history. Live ones should concentrate on live issues.