India to get a brand new internal security agency

Hopefully a less politicised one

Navigating the nuanced centre-state relations set out in the Constitution, the Indian government plans to set up a new federal agency empowered to tackle terrorism and inter-state organised crime, modeled along the lines of the American FBI.

Initially, the Government planned that the proposed agency would be investigating inter-state crimes but the Home Ministry wanted it to play an operational preventive role.

Sources said that the agency will have the mandate to tackle ‘‘henious acts such as terrorism, arms and drug trafficking, hijacking, criminal mafia and insurgency which will categorised as federal crimes.’’

The new agency will have the right to launch hot pursuit against criminals transiting from one state to another. In such cases, the agency will not need to seek a go-ahead from the state police or government. The option of hot pursuit has kept in mind that Left wing extremists move to states like Orissa to duck the police in Andhra Pradesh. [IE]

That’s good news, as long as the agency does not end up being politicised as with its older counterpart, the CBI. And why not get try catching Veerappan for practice?

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  1. I’m proud of on this indian agency and some times i thinks to became a part of this agency. I want to join Anti terrorist squd of india but how!, i don’t know.

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