Indian covert operation in Dhaka?

Unidentified gunmen kill 24 Indian terrorists

The Khaleda Zia government in Bangladesh has been quite hesitant and unwilling to act firmly against Indian terrorists taking refuge in its territory. Who then were the unidentified gunmen who killed 24 terrorists and injured 26 others in simultaneous raids on four hideouts in Dhaka? Considering that the announcement came from the director-general of Tripura police, and that a number of different outfits were targeted simultaneously, this could point to a covert operation by Indian security forces. The Bangladesh government has denied that the incident took place.

If indeed it is so, it must be seen in the context of having come at the end of several unsuccessful attempts to convince the Bangladeshi authorities to take action againt the terrorists. The recent surge of attacks in Assam and Tripura by a resurgent terrorist groups have imposed a fresh urgency in addressing the challenge posed by terrorists who take advantage of porous borders and sympathetic governments. The Myanmar junta must take note of this too.

6 thoughts on “Indian covert operation in Dhaka?”

  1. Preetam,

    Why is the army there in the first place?

    The crowds find it easy to protest against the security forces; but are afraid to confront the terrorists. That’s because if you protest against the excesses by the security forces you make it to the headlines, but if you protest against terrorists, you make it to the headlines too, posthumously.

  2. If this is indeed a covert Indian operation, its about time the action was taken.
    This could even be a joint operation with Bangladesh participation but with the Bangladesh Govt not wanting to publicise its involvement.
    Either way, this definitely sets up another option as a precedent in dealing with terrorists.

  3. AP withdrew the report yesterday and applogized. Because it did not happen. Hiding assasination of a couple of people can be possible. But a shootout in the heart of the Dhaka City (I live within 4 Km from that place) and killing of 25 people is something you cannot hide. There is nothing in the newspapers and TV Channels.

    I wonder what was the source of this report in the first place.

  4. The crowds find it easy to protest against the security forces; but are afraid to confront the terrorists.

    Yes, while the terrorists also cause some problems like extortion, they do no go around beating up and murdering women.

    This situation will continue until the Indian government stops making deals with (or buying off) corrupt groups or politicians and actually does something serious for the people.

    Why blame our neighbors when we can’t keep our house in order. Let them supply weapons or training, we have done that quiet often when it suited us.

  5. Rezwan,

    It is quite mysterious. Indian police officials in the north eastern states are sticking by this account.

    But why was the Bangladesh government trying to retract those reports? They could have simply denied it.

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