Pakistan’s Habib beats Tata in low-priced cars

Now how about competition on the roads

Tata Motors’ McIndica is still on the drawing board, but Pakistan’s Habib Maritime has already announced the launch of its low-cost car, Sitara.

The Sitara has no roof or doors and looks like a golf cart-jeep hybrid. But looks apart, the low cost of the car is likely to make most two-wheeler drivers graduate to a four-wheeler and might spark off a boom in Pakistan’s auto market

Sitara is to include parts almost entirely designed and manufactured locally. The engine is being manufactured in Lahore. The car, which, once fitted with equipment will not exceed 400 kilograms in weight, will have a load-bearing capacity of 250 kilograms. The capacity of the fuel tank will be 10 liters and consumption will be 18 kilometers per liter. The maximum speed allowed will be 60 km/hour.[Rediff]

But the two countries are quite a far away from opening up their roads to each other’s cars. Currently, Pakistan does not even allow import of Indian made tyres, which end up being smuggled across or taken on a long roundabout route.

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  1. I am proud of my country Pakistan and the people who are puuting their efforts to manufacture automobiles in the country. Such a products, if successfull, can only take the country out of the economic crises, the country is passing through for the last several decades.

    I wish habib motors all the best for the future and hope they will also focus on the modification of the present shape of the car.

    Rizwan Kazmi


  2. hi,
    The Car launched by Habib is more like an auto than a Car . Tata i scertainly aiming at a more socially acceptable car.
    The Car or Golf cart developed by Habib motors is comparable to the bajaj and Vikrant three wheeler. Infact the two would certainly outscore the Sitara , both in terms of fuel consumption and top speed.
    I think there is no comparision of the Sitara with what Tata is palnning to develope . One can compare bajaj’s three wheeler to Sitara ..


  3. Dear All,
    I think Sitara is just a rough sketch of what they’re planning to do, we should wait, Sitara when come for Public, might be having Smooth Shap, New Engine with built-in CNG / LPG Options, and also, why you people are not thinking that a Manual Converable Sitara is also possible within few thousands rupees.
    I am Pakistani, and i appreaicate TATA motor company for their Size, and quality etc.
    On the other hand, comparision of TATA with Habib Motor is much like comparision of Porsche with Suzuki or …

    The newer version (Public Version) of Sitara with Social Acceptance Design must come under 1.30lakh pakistani rupees.

    I wish all of you best and hope for the Econo & Safe designs for Low Paid Families.


    Muhammad Ali

  4. Acron, buddy u need to get ur facts straight…

    THere already exists a big auto boom in Pakistan…

  5. hi, if people think that developing an auto would bring the country out of economic crisis then i would say pakistanis think the same idiotic way they think about the jehad or watever shit they say.if people dont have money to buy ur auto(in case of economic crisis) then how would a country can come out of e. crisis. well if u guys think that other countries would buy ur vehicle i think that even a country like srilanka wouldnt even buy as they would even prefer to buy from india which has got better technology and much better looking models and much reliable companies.
    so forget it guys , our auto rikshaw guys wont even buy as they drive something that can save them from rain and hot sun. go guys devlop somethin better and then think of competing and comparing.

  6. Tata is planning an all-round family vehicle with safety features and which adheres to international safety norms.
    And get real, for a glorified golf cart 18km/lit is very bad. I have a 20 year old Maruti Suzuki giving me 20km/lit. And wooden gearknob aside; its atleast got doors and a roof.
    For 1 lakh rs. a 2-3yr used maruti is also a very feasible option.

    P.S. TATA Indica and all its variants form the best-selling automobile in India. What does Habib say to that?

  7. I certainly don’t see Rover outsourcing thier new “City Rover” project to Habib. This car is a joke. Take my advice – stick to making even cheaper copies of cheap chinese missiles and nukes. At least it brings in much-needed foreign exchange.

  8. Dear Pakistani friends,

    In many sites and discussion forms you people are
    claiming Pakistan is way ahead of India. Entire world
    is saying this era is an era of China, Brazil, India
    and South Africa. Only two countries in this world not
    agreeing this (Why????) are Pakistan and Bangladesh.
    Here the discussion is about auto industry. Please
    check following links of Indian automobile companies.
    They are real manufacturers not assemblers. Please
    challenge this with proof.

    More details from so please
    don’t fool .

    Answer back with solid proof.

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  10. All of the comments here are obviously Biased against Pakistan.
    If you really want to check out the Pakistan Automobile, and compare it to your TATA indica, which by the way is not Entirely an Indian achievement, since its designed by an Italian firm in Italy. India is much bigger auto market, and you Indians are proudly boasting your achievements and comparing to a much smaller market of Pakistan. Why don’t you compare apples to apples and see where you stand, compared to CHINA. You are no where near them, China is already making 5 Million+ cars a year, compared to India’s hardly 900,000 per year. Pakistan, althought a late entrant in Auto world is making 150,000 cars a year. Population wise Pakistan is 7 times smaller than India, whereas is China and India has almost about the same Population. So, compare your Auto Industry to your Actual Rival in Auto Industry.. CHINA.. and then boast here.

    Anyway, this is PAKISTAN’s first Automobile.

    ADAM MOTORS REVO, 80S or 105si.

    check out on the website.

  11. Datzburier,

    AMC’s models look cool. How come they are not that well known outside Pakistan?

  12. The fare comparision between Sitara should be with auto -rickshaw not with TATA’s plan.

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