Musharraf’s role swept under the Kargil carpet

Pakistan’s history of mysteries

What role did the breakdown of the ambulance play in the death of Pakistan’s founder, Mohammad Ali Jinnah? Who killed its first Prime Minister, Liaquat Ali Khan? Was there foul play behind the death of yet another prime minister, Suhrawardy, or behind that of Jinnah’s sister, Fatima? What was role of senior army commanders in the military debacle of 1971 that gave birth to Bangladesh? Who was responsible for the inferno at the Ojhri ammunition dump? Who killed General Zia? Was fear of exposure of Air Chief Marshal Mushaf Ali Mir’s link to al Qaeda the reason for his death in an air crash?

Was the Pakistani misadventure in Kargil planned and orchestrated by General Musharraf and his clique without the knowledge of his prime minister Nawaz Sharif?

The Pakistani people know less about the answers to these questions that they should, leading to an entire cottage industry of conspiracy theories springing up. The refusal of Pakistani governments to examine the realities of its past actions has left the Pakistani nation unreconciled to it. It is not uncommon for common Pakistanis to believe that India was the instigator (and Pakistan the victor) of the 1965 war. Kargil is just the latest episode where truth has been sacrificed at the altar of the Pakistani army’s vested interests.