Indians taken hostage despite having no troops in Iraq


Indians taken hostage in Iraq

Three Indians were taken hostage in Iraq – with their captors demanding the pull out of the Kuwaiti firm that they work for. In a shameful statement, the Indian government has asked the captors to release them because it has no troops in Iraq.

Minister of State for External Affairs E Ahmed said the trio had gone to Iraq on their own and the government has no role in it.

“As soon as we got the information, we established contact with our embassy in Baghdad and also our ambassador in Kuwait and asked him to talk to the transport firm (which was asked by the militant group to pull out of Iraq) and get further details.

“We hope that everything will be resolved because India has taken a firm stand that it will not send troops to Iraq. We will provide whatever humanitarian aid possible to Iraq and India has always advocated in international bodies that sovereign power of the people of Iraq has to be respected.” [Rediff]

The Iraqi insurgents have proved that they do not give India or Indians any special points for not having sent troops to Iraq. The rejection of US requests was justified both on the grounds of national interests and morality. The kidnapping had put paid to the former and the Indian government’s response failed to redeem the latter.

There is no morality in groveling before terrorists and kidnappers. This is not how a government of a sovereign nation that has taken a ‘principled’ stand on the Iraq war should react. It should demand their release based on its previous position of having not sent troops to Iraq, and threaten to send troops if they were not released immediately.

These six men, all workers from Third World countries, are the first fruits of the Philippine capitulation. And before the Philippine Left gets started on how it is all the fault of these countries for supporting America it should note that India does not, repeat does not, have any troops in Iraq. Success breeds imitation and the world is witnessing the repetition of the Sipadan hostage appeasement incident on an international scale. These new victims are simply the first of a long series of unfortunates who will be threatened with decapitation unless all nations emulate the surrender of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. [Belmont Club]

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