Wither economic freedom?

Indians are not free until they have economic freedom

We have achieved a lot in these years but there is still so much more to achieve. Until all out countrymen have a decent living we have not achieved our freedom. [Suhit Anantula]

Suhit & Atanu are using the blogosphere to do something about this.

Fifty-seven years have passed since Indians gained political freedom. The one thing that stands between India and a better future is the lack of economic freedom.

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3 thoughts on “Wither economic freedom?”

  1. Very true. 57 years have gone and yet we lag behind in the Human development index. The economic policies of the Indira Licenece raj have completely ruined the country. Political survival and dynastic rule have, and still is, placed before good governance.

  2. What’s even sadder is that judging by the recent election, many Indians still haven’t learned a damn thing regarding this issue.

  3. Nitin:

    In a way blogosphere has provided us the opportunity to share our views, meet people who share our views and most probably trasfer that to action in the real world.

    Lets hope we do our bit.


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