Kashmir sprouts Hebrew signboards

Israeli tourists in Kashmir

Fatalism prevails travel advisories as Israeli tourists make their way to Kashmir. And Kashmir’s traditional tolerance is helping the two communities see each other in a different light. While some shopkeepers put up Hebrew signboards, the Israelis are surprised that not all Muslims are hostile.

“Kashmir is an amazing place and so are its people. They are Muslims but not hostile to us,” said Rita Katzir, a 28-year-old computer software engineer from Israel.

“Now, violence can touch you anywhere, in any part of world. I can die anywhere — in Washington, in Jerusalem, here in Srinagar or in Tel Aviv or any other city.

“Death is destiny.” [IE]

1 thought on “Kashmir sprouts Hebrew signboards”

  1. The Israelis are indeed a brave people, I salute them. Despite a politically correct and dishonest world making Israel its whipping boy, despite vile accusations in media everywhere against israel’s rights record, the facts remain undisputed – [1] Israel is a flourishing democracy and a million of its arab citizens have the right to vote
    [2] The richest country by per capita viz. Israel in the middle east has no oil
    [3] Israel is a tiny, arid country and despitethat they’ve fought against ridiculuos odds to win again and again (quite unlike their giant arab neighbours who’ve forever been whining about excuses like colonial excesses and cultural incompatibility for their pathetic records on human rights, democracy, education and healthcare.
    So how is it that so many people in the world harbor such a vicious hatred against jews? While at the same time apologising for all-too-unmistakable flaws in that so-called ‘religion of peace’
    Go figure.

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