Pakistan insinuates an Indian conspiracy in Balochistan

Even if it were so, what’s wrong?

The chief minister of Pakistan’s Balochistan province has blamed India’s intelligence agencies for running training camps in Iran, Afghanistan, and even in Balochistan itself.

“Conspiracies are hatched against Balochistan by anti-Pakistan forces who do not want Gwadar port to become economic hub in the region,” he said.

The Balochistan chief minister said that RAW was running terrorist camps in Iran and Afghanistan. “It has now set up 30 to 40 such camps in Balochistan, each with training facility for 30 people who are paid Rs10,000 monthly.

“The monthly expenses of each such camp are over Rs0.4 million. The money is being supplied from abroad,” he alleged. He promised that names of the held terrorists would be disclosed once the ongoing investigations concluded.[Dawn]

Contrary to what India’s internal security chief thinks, the RAW must be quite a powerful organisation to be able to run so many camps within Pakistani territory. That’s one better than the ISI would could only manage to set up jihadi infrastructure in Pakistani and Afghan territory it controlled. Indeed, armed with such minutae of intelligence, the all-powerful Pakistani forces should have been able to get rid of those camps a long time ago.

Then again, Pakistan should not complain if India were to provide ‘moral, diplomatic and political support’ to the Balochi ‘freedom-fighters’ in their struggle against ‘state-sponsored terrorism’. Musharraf himself has shown no inclination to dismantle the anti-India jihadi infrastructure in Pakistani territory or to stop cross-border infiltration. While the breakup of Pakistan into smaller, potentially more volatile fragments is not in India’s interests, it may be useful for India to highlight Balochistan and Balawaristan to change the playing field of a propaganda war that has hitherto been dominated by Pakistan’s holier-than-thou concerns about human-rights violations in Indian Kashmir.

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  2. Again they raise the canard of Indian involvement! I have yet to read about the arrest of any RAW agents, real or unreal, in the Pakistani press.

    Balochistan has been troubled, at least, since the 70s. Maltreatment by the Punjabi-dominated central government contributes to the province’s malaise.

    No, the problem of Balochistan is Pakistan’s making.

  3. Quite right. I diisagree though with your assessment that Pak’s fragmentation isn’t in India’s interests. It most certainly is. Pak’s nukes can finally be defanged with zealous US-Israeli help only when Pak collapses a la the USSR.

  4. I agree with Sudhir’s comment that fragmentation of Pakistan is in India’s interest. Then it might finally be able to go beyond the subcontinent and play a greater role without the Pakistani millstone around the neck. The risk of nukes at the hands of an irrational and unstable general will be removed.

  5. Sudhir & Kadphises,

    It is not likely that the small, unstable, nuclear states that will emerge due to Pakistan’s breakup will do anything to improve security. They too will likely be dominated by Islamists, tribal warlords, and the military. Fighting with each other, and picking fights with India. India will very likely get drawn into this process of Balkanisation on its borders.

    The best hope is that the military is sent back to the barracks, the ISI and jihadis are defanged, and a democratic polity is restored. At this moment only the United States has the strength and leverage to do that. Unfortunately, the Americans seem to be interested only in the short-term, without learning from its past mistake of shoring up dictators.

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  7. So r the balochis chanting बँट के रहे गा पाकिसतान , बन के रहेगा बिलोचिसतान

  8. The economic incentives created by the iran2india gas pipeline must be tempting for the balochis and sindhis considering independence. If they can make acceptable deals with iran, then following a small war balochistan can be an independent country.
    Iran wants to sell india LNG, it goes through balochistan and sindh.
    Now if balochistan is an independent country, so it can demand transit fees.
    Because they are a smaller population, percapita redistribution through would make them more wealthier than if the transit went through a unified pakistan.
    Balochis in pakistan would have to come up with some agreement with Iran so that iran either gives them some territory or balochis forget about a greater balochistan keep only the pakistani part.
    It may be an ok deal if pakistani balochistan gains wealth, then accepts all of iranian and afghan balochs and give them property in pakistani balochistan(its huge and empty) and balochis are a small population.
    Some sindhis have argued for an nation comprising balochistan and sindh and some have demands for a separate sindh. Either way if sindhis are the only ethnic group living in sindh that would make it tempting for them to That would be quite tempting for both options.
    But sindhi indipendance would be a lot more bloody as a lot more ethnic groups live in sindh would be very difficult.
    And if balochistan is indipendent and sindh remains with pakistan, then pakistanis will make the deal more difficult, but may still accept it b/c some leverage with india is better than no leverage. or it may just say FU no gas through pakistan….
    Just throwing some scenarions

  9. After seeing the developing situation in Balochistan is all because of some misunderstanding between Tribals and Federal Government which need to be discuss within specific constitution but sadly our neighbor on eastern border trying to gain some political advantages by highlighting internal matters of Pakistan. But before doing so they must see that their own human rights record in Kashmir, Nagaland and Assam is weak very since last decade where locals are fighting against state machinery to obtain their rights.

  10. The Indian state is (obviously) locked in a power struggle with the Pakistani military establishment. We are the good guys, since India (however imperfect) stands for democracy, freedom, and diversity. The Pakistani military has committed one genocide in Bangladesh, and might commit another in Balochistan.
    It maybe Pakistans destiny to break-up, if this is so then sooner the better.
    Pakistans has been stoking religious tensions and terrorism in India for too long, its time this snake got a taste of its own medicine. Break-up of Pakistan can be managed to Indias advantage and India is correct and entitled to back the Balochis. They never wanted to join the Pakistani state, Nehru was not interested for the sake of “peace”. How much peace have we had. weakness is a provacation and historically India has been provoking its neighbour with impractical ideas on non-violence. Sheep and cows are non-violent, does it mean that a human being should try and become like these passive animals ?

  11. hello sir

    whatever going on balochisthan is a freedom struggle and people right to have self determination. They are not terrorist and they are freedom fighters and the pakisthani army should withdraw from balochisthan before indian army withdraw from kashmir

    Thank You

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