BBC should call them terrorists

The Chechen hostage-takers were terrorists

BBC World TV repeatedly referred to the Chechen hostage-takers as an ‘armed gang’. Never mind that they were heavily armed and some of them outfitted to be suicide-bombers. Never mind that they took a schoolful of children hostage. Never mind they shot at fleeing kids. Never mind that at least a hundred people have been killed due to their action, the BBC continues with the British tradition of understatement.

Journalistic neutrality should not cloud journalistic accuracy. Those were Chechen terrorists, who by committing the most heinous act of terrorism possible, just displayed that they would spare no effort to target the soft underbelly of civilised society.

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Davids Medienkritik’s liberal guide to better understanding the Chechen freedom fighters. [via The Command Post]

Update: Adding insult to injury, the Beeb now resorts to putting even hostage-takers within quotes. Shame!

6 thoughts on “BBC should call them terrorists”

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  2. The tragedy in the school shouldn’t go unpunished. This is a serious new dimension to terrorist strategy.
    Lessons need to be drawn from this episode by all Governments. Scenarios have to be planned and actions decided under various circumstances. The proposed ‘no negotiation for hostages policy’ should take all of these into account.

  3. BBC seems to be still stuck in the cold war era. It still works on a wwrong premise of political correctness. This tends to colour its reporting especially when reporting on non western countries

  4. Kautilya,you are almost right!Just amend it to f..k the
    BBC,which has lost all sense of proportion in recent years
    because of its concealed anti-semitic agenda and rabid support to the Islamist thugs.BBC thinks it is socialistic to give aid and comfort to Islamist gangs.

  5. The west maybe soft but mess with children and the jehadis may’ve crossed an unseen line of no return. If and when the west decides to dump its values of humanism – justice, fairplay, equality etc – the jehadis will face a violent vengeance with no parallel in history. The west will hunt them down like the vermin they are in a dance of death so terrible, the jehadi retards will wish they were never born.
    I hope the war starts sooner rather than later for the more the delay the more the casualities will be. But war itself is inevitable.

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