Accurate to the second decimal point

President Musharraf will remain General Musharraf

“Ninety six percent (of people) will say ‘do not remove (the uniform),'” the army chief told the private ARY TV network. “You should go and ask this.” [Musharraf/WP]

He also claimed that there is nothing unconstitutional about him remaining both President and Army chief at the same time.

In Pakistan, Musharraf is the ultimate interpreter of the Constitution, and by the doctrine of necessity, he is usually right. But how he managed to arrive at the exact figure of 96% is a mystery. In any case, instead of asking the television crew to assess what the Pakistani people like, he should ask the election commission to make a stab at it.

Nothing surprising here. Musharraf remains a serial-breaker of promises. At this rate, only an ‘act of god‘ can remove him from the scene.

2 thoughts on “Accurate to the second decimal point”

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  2. Yawn.
    ‘The will Mush keep his uniform ?’ story has gotten boring now.

    We all knew he would keep it for ‘as long as necessary’. Do you seriously think anybody could’ve forced Ayub khan or Zia ul haq to giveup the throne? What makes you think Miyan Mush is any different?

    Let’s talk about the Baluch insurgency, the continuing unrest in Sindh and Gilgit (Hey, so when are we dumping politico-moral-diplomatic support for their legitimate aspirations by the shiopload??!!), the ongoing war in NWFP, the narco-terror-arms triangle angle headquartered in Peshawar, the domination of Punju politics in army and Govt (not that they’re very different now) etc etc etc….these are what we can truly call feel-good stories emnating from pakistan….
    Truth be told, I’d started out trying to be sarcastic but sala irony is its gotten me depressed reading about the poor people of Pak who probably deserve better….

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