PIO cards for the Gypsies?

Genetic evidence confirms ethno-linguistic studies. The Romany people originated in India.

Just as Israel found its lost tribe thousands of miles away in India’s north east, India too has found one of its own lost tribes in Central Europe. The Agonist reports that a research team in Australia has confirmed that the Romany people (popularly known as the Gypsies) originated in India. Earlier studies suggested an Indian link for the European nomads based on similarities between their spoken language and Indo-Sanskrit languages.

That could well make them eligible for the Indian government’s Person of Indian Origin cards. Vote-bank politicians and affirmative action heros may be rubbing their hands in anticipation too.

2 thoughts on “PIO cards for the Gypsies?”

  1. Well if you go to the National Geographic’s “Journey of Man site” http://www.nationalgeographic.ca/features/journeyofman/
    and click on the Journey tab on the left, you will see that there are several other groups ranging from South East Asia, China, Australia and Siberia who can claim to be from India.

    I think the govt. should just not bother about the PIO card. They can just make it like a Green Card. Anyone (from whatever country) contributes to India (money,talent) should be eligible for this card.

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