Nepalese PM’s agenda in New Delhi

Who does he want to call for help?

Nepal’s Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba is in New Delhi for talks with the Indian government. He is expected to ask for more military support in tackling the Maoist rebels and may even seek India’s concurrence on calling for an UN intervention in Nepal.

Getting the UN involved risks making Nepal a geo-political football. Before even considering foreign intervention, the Nepalese King must be convinced to set in process a genuine process to address the democratic deficit which he has done nothing to correct. While India should increase military and economic aid to Nepal, it must make it abundantly clear that a democratic Nepal is ultimately in India’s best interests.

India and Nepal could undertake joint military operations in their respective territories to destroy the terrorist infrastructure and support routes. This could mean India tightening border security in the states bordering Nepal, especially Bihar.

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