365 days and counting

The Acorn is a year old

Moving too fast risks leaving thoughts behind

The Acorn is One !

Some changes to mark the anniversary – Recent Comments, a link to the latest discussions has been added to the right hand menu panel. A new section called Hindsight 20/20 makes its appearance too.

21 thoughts on “365 days and counting”

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  2. My congratulations, Nitin!

    I was first kled to your site by a link from Niraj’s blog and I ended up spending more time here than there ever since.

    Keep it up. If and when I start my blog, I’ll remember to cite your reference as inspiration (:-)

  3. Congrats Keep it up..
    I have found this site very informative and is now part of my daily reading.

  4. Nitin:

    Yes, congratulations are very much in order. I may disagree with you on occasion Nitin, but your arguments can’t be dismissed out-of-hand. Your blog has given me a chance to think about Indian security more systematically. Keep it up.


  5. Great going, Nitin. Congratulations on keeping an intelligent and focused blog that is my daily read. And do tell me where in the world do you find time to have a 2.4 post/day average? Duly impressed.

  6. Congratulations Nitin for a successful completion of your efforts taken for the Last 1 year on this BLOG.

  7. Congrats!! Your’s is one of the blog’s i read regularly.It is quite insightful and well worth the effort. Keep up the good work and happy blogging

  8. Thanks everyone ! The best thing is that since I started blogging I’ve got to know so many interesting and intelligent people.

  9. Congratulations! Though I would rarely agree on many issues, you provide and excellent and eclectic overviews and summaries on current affairs in the region. A valuable resource; I hope you can keep up both the energetic pace and durability of your blog!

  10. One tough challange the bloggers face is to be consistent. I sincerely hope that you would continue you great efforts surviving all ups and downs. Congrats and happy blogging.

  11. Congratulations Nitin for completing one year. hope u dont do a Jivha on us. Still trying to make out what you are – a secular nationalist or a communal nationalist. Me thinks u r the former. Right Nitin?

  12. RS,

    Thanks…I’d just like to go on; without having to attain and live up to any of those labels.

    And Jivha is a hard act to follow, in every sense of the word 🙂

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