Two U-turns or No U-turn?

The sad plight of Pakistan’s voluble Information Minister

Pakistan’s information minister has denied that President Pervez Musharraf had resolved to go back on his pledge to stand down as army leader.

The minister, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, was earlier quoted as saying Mr Musharraf would not be resigning as head of the armed forces as promised. [BBC]

Guessing whether there were 2n or 2n+1 U-turns is not quite the best algorithm for Pakistan’s stability.

2 thoughts on “Two U-turns or No U-turn?”

  1. U-turns are about the only consistent message emnating from the halowed halls of the GHQ in Rawalpindi these days.
    Imagien what would happen to Pakistan’s image is they stopped retracting something or the other every other day!

  2. “The sad plight of Pakistan’s voluble Information Minister”
    I thought the pakistani officials came equiped with skills to sway whichever way the wind is flowing.
    The numerous U turns would not be so demanding on such skillful people.

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