John Kerry and the BCCI investigation

Kerry helped uncover the tip of the terrorist iceberg

The Washington Monthly features an article [warning: election pitch] that seeks to burnish John Kerry’s national security credentials by highlighting his investigation of BCCI (al Qaeda’s equally sinister sibling) two decades ago. The article credits him for ‘dismantling a key terrorist weapon’.

Kerry’s investigation did drive another nail into BCCI’s coffin, but America’s failure to take that investigation into its logical conclusion – and confront BCCI’s real parents – allowed the terrorists to literally open their accounts in other, more solvent and reputable banks.

3 thoughts on “John Kerry and the BCCI investigation”

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  2. Kerry might have brought down the BCCI, but that does not in anyway enhance his credentials as a “Terror-buster” in the new scenario. It is difficult to talk of Bush’s own credentials on anything for that matter, but his administration has shown great courage in taking the war to Iraq, in the face of stiff world condemnation. I am not commenting on whether that was the right decision or not, but the point is that this Govt has shown the will-power to do what it thinks is right for America come what may. Kerry would have to convince America that he has that steel too. As for identifying terrorists, neither Bush nor Kerry could do that if one stared them in the face – that is why the US has an army of agencies like the CIA and the FBI.

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