Those ‘people like us’ hate us

Paying any price to keep India down

Nothing unexpected in this. From Pakistani Americans ganging up to oppose Bobby Jindal to Z A Bhutto vowing to eat grass to build an Islamic Bomb to Pakistan’s UN Ambassador vowing to do anything to oppose India getting a seat at the Security Council there runs a consistent hatred of India and Indians. To overlook this would be burying one’s head in the sand. Its more than just the dispute over Kashmir, it is more like an entire state committing suicide bombing.

“We will make every effort to block India’s entry into the UNSC as a permanent member,” Mr Akram said. He said Germany, Japan, Brazil and South Africa would lobby for a permanent UNSC slot during the 59th session of the UN General Assembly session.

He said Pakistan opposed an increase in the number of permanent UNSC members because its enlargement would negate the principle of equality. “But if we have to choose, we will support Germany and Japan against India,” he said. [Daily Times]

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  1. Well said, Nitin.
    But so what. That fact that the Pakis hate us has been known for a long time now. Nothing new there. As long as we keep our eyes unblinkered, we’re good, I guess.

  2. “A war to end all wars”, is not feasible in the Indian concept. Probably the last time it worked was when North Vietnam annexed South Vietnam, but NV was a communist country that could afford to keep its masses starving while it went on fighting an expensive war. That is not possible with India. But can we convert them to the cause of peace? – that is the million dollar question.

    There is really no answer for that question. A buttressed up and very influential trading class, that has large interests in trade with India – that seems to be the best bet for now. At least Big Bro Uncle Sam thinks so. But that works only in a democracy, not a military dictatorship – and pak has always been one, overtly or otherwise.

    Sometimes, “Just bomb the bastards” seems to be the only solution, but I am sure we would have done that if we could!

  3. Shikhar, seriously how old are u?
    Nuking Pak will remain a dream. There were reports that we dont even have missiles to deliver them. Then even if we nuke them won’t they retaliate? Are u ready to see Delhi, Mumbai,etc wiped out?

  4. I think achieving peace is impossible.

    Since the chickens have come home to roost in Pakistan (refer Nitin’s recent post ) let us give Pak some time to see whether they have learnt lessons from their follies or not.

    As for the nuclear scenario, obviously there will have to be a concrete plan, probably constituting us first knocking out their nuclear strike capabilities and then annihilating the whole country with nukes making nuclear retaliation or any other type of counter impossible.

    Ur plan is completely suicidal. Haven’t u thought about the after effects of such nuke strikes? It will be our states bordering Pakistan that will pay the price for generations for such stupidities along with places surrounding our big cities, which Pakistan will definitely nuke. Now about their nukes and our nukes. Pakis have everything tailor-made from China and N. Korea and we don’t have a clue where in Pak they are strategically placed. There were recent press reports that we don’t even have effective missile-based nuke delivery systems in place. Right now we can only deliver nuke at the targets by fighter jets.
    If I recall correctly there was a secret proposal from Israel in the 1980’s that they would fly from Israel and bomb Pak nuke sites (Kahuta) if India would give Israeli bombers landing rights to refuel. And we fearing backlash in the Arab world, rejected this plan. If this was true I think we should have agreed to it then.

    Of course, we need to factor in China’s position, and for that we need to get militarily strong enough so that China can’t realistically contemplate going to war with us.

    If India and Pak go to war next time and it gets nasty for Pak, in my opinion China won’t butt in to save Pak coz China knows getting rich is glorious and they wouldn’t like disruptions in their single point agenda. In the same way we too want to get rich and war is a bad idea. The sooner Pakis realise this is the better for all of us.

    This is a few years down the road, but we need to come up with a “Final Solution” for our muslim problem and this is the only way to do it.

    Why do u see our Muslims as a “problem”? And “annihilating” Pak is not the answer to this “problem”. Remember, Indians of all religions will live and die here in this sacred land they call India/Hindustan/Bharat. No one will change this.

    Of course, none of this is possible with geriatric pacifists leading the government, we need someone who understands the situation and the solution, someone with strength and vision and without the vestiges of democracy to hold him back.

    Holding out for a dictator?

  5. Hitler was for the superiority of one race – the Aryans. India has more than two races. Which race will Hitler choose?

  6. Shikhar,
    Just wanted to tell u this.
    Remember there are 138 million Muslims in India according to latest census figures. If ur views of “final solution” to our Muslim “problem” ever implemented it will only produce more Islamic terrorists in India and that is the last thing one want here. Ur view on wiping out Pak with nukes is naïve and stupid. Read about the aftereffects of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing on Japan’s population. Then u will understand why ur views are absolutely absurd. In no way can we protect our population from Pak nukes.

    I don’t want to discuss with u on this further coz I have made enough points that is needed to convince u that ur views are absurd. If u still can’t understand ……

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